With an increased awareness of how our surroundings can impact health and productivity, companies are focusing on how designing for wellbeing can also cut healthcare costs and help businesses grow. 
What is wellbeing? 
HR News along with the AMSA says there are 7 dimensions in wellbeing and suggest it is more than just physical health. It can include emotional, social and occupational. Occupational wellness recognises the importance of satisfaction and enrichment in one's work. The consensus is that companies are doing something to support wellbeing, but maybe not enough, yet. Read more 
According to Staples 2018, 40% of 7000 office employees surveyed across Europe are working in poor lighting every day! Here are some key factors to consider when designing office space whilst being mindful of budget: 
Controlling temperature 
Air quality 
Ergonomic furniture 
For bespoke and personalised advice and suggestions on the best office design and configuration of your space, please contact us. Get in touch. source - raconteur.net 
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