Whether you wish to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly for your business or for your customers to engage them more with your brand, there are a few changes and introductions that you can make to your office and workplace. Read our blog for some simple tips and options ... 
So, how can you have a greener workplace? Here are a few of our tips: 
Many office furniture manufacturers now are creating chairs and seating using recyclable fabrics. Please ask us for details 
When choosing a partner or supplier to provide/install your products (including office furniture, supplies and so on), consider or ask about the packaging to ideally minimise plastics and so on 
If you are carrying out a refurb, why not consider second hand furniture or used office furniture. What can you re use or re purpose?  
What else is there to consider in terms of an eco friendly office or workplace? 
Recycle more within the office 
Monitor your usage of electricity, heating and lighting 
Look into renewable energy 
Use recyclable products 
Consider going paperless 
Use more natural daylight where you can  
Introduce plants to desks, open spaces, reception areas and so on 
For more information and advice, please ask us
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