As we adapt to our working space and working environment, wherever and whatever that may look like, meetings with customers and colleagues and bosses and suppliers will continue to be happening. They may look and sound different, but they will be happening as we continue to work and be productive as best we can. 
These meetings may be in offices (where safe and appropriate), in public areas, outdoors or they may online. Some may even happening whilst walking the dog. Many of us business owners and workers are being inventive and innovative with where and how we are meeting. 
Large open spaces usually filled with people are being in some cased being divided up with screens and partitions to keep the distance and aid safety. Reception areas or other areas such as meeting rooms and breakout spaces with soft seating and comfortable chairs can be options for informal meetings and discussions, where safe and within the rules of course. 
How people are working is also bringing up the old debate of open planned offices versus closed offices too. Both at this time have their considerations and their benefits and can be used in the interim or long term as well. 
For office space planning and office design advice and ideas, get in touch. 
Sygnus can arrange an onsite visit (when and where safe to do so) to discuss options, make recommendations, suggest solutions or we can give advice over the phone or email. 
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