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Sygnus are furniture dealers offering over 20 years of experience in the industry, our client base ranges from large multi nationals, professional service companies and small businesses 
Experts in office space planning
We can give you technical drawings of new and proposed layouts so you know everything will fit and will be functional as well as spaced out, comfortable and safe. 
September Newsletter 
When a desk is more than a desk. 
Our guide to desking desks, Meeting room, Sit to stand desks and reception desks 
August Newsletter 
Home from home – office design and spacing trends. Plus, how can we make the office softer and trends for 2023 
July Newsletter 
Biophilic design - faux or the real thing? 
We discuss plants and nature in the workplace and the positives of replica plants 
June Newsletter 
Office furniture that doesn't cost the earth. Have you considered second hand office furniture or used office furniture? 
May Newsletter 
What does sustainability mean for the office/workplace? 
And what us Sygnus doing? 
April Newsletter 
The types of sit stand desks.  
What to consider and what about seating? 
Sit to Stand Mailer 
Check out this high spec sit to stand desk. 
March Newsletter 
Inclusivity and accommodating workspaces. How to make sure everyone benefits from your office design and office interiors 
February Newsletter 
Back to the office – but back to normal or not? 
This newsletter looks at what to consider for your office design and what to consider for a return to the office, post pandemic. 
January Newsletter 
Do you know the additional services we offer to compliment the core services? 
Benefits of using Sygnus to manage your project from partitioning to décor and electrical to flooring 
December Newsletter 
From the team at Sygnus, we would like to thank you for your support in this difficult year for us all and to wish you a very Merry Christmas. 
Although this year has been difficult for us all in many ways, it has also been thankfully a very busy year for Sygnus since the lockdown ended. 
Using our long term and reliable network, we have been able to further support clients with their office changes and refurbs to accommodate a return to the office from a project management perspective covering décor, air con and ventilation, lighting, flooring, data and electrical work and more. 
November Newsletter 
How to enhance your workplace environment 
Wellbeing at work – what can we do to lessen stress and improve health? 
October Newsletter 
Does your reception area truly reflect your business? 
Plus read more about our first class service and reception furniture ideas … 
September Newsletter 
What next for offices and workspaces, and we look at the benefits to hybrid working. Plus, celebrating 30 years … 
August Newsletter 
Returning to the office? 
Learn how to balance productivity, safety and sociability in the workplace, by Sygnus. 
July Newsletter 
Work is an activity, not a place to go. 
Read all about the latest trend of agile working and what’s new in breakout furniture. 
June Newsletter 
Being social in the workplace and how to do it productively. 
And, introducing the Go Acoustic Pod range. 
May Newsletter 
Many offices are considering returning to the workplace in some shape or form. So In this newsletter we wanted to talk about screens. 
Plastic screens are a great way of preventing infection spread of COVID-19 and offer protection to your staff and customers. 
April Newsletter 
What to consider when buying a sit to stand desk … Sit to stand desks, electric desks or height adjustable desks all mean the same. They allow users flexibility working from home or in the office. 
March Newsletter 
Could the return to the office see more open plan spaces or could it see closed off smaller offices or cubicles with doors, screens or other layout options? 
February Newsletter 
What's new? Furniture and accessories for wherever you work. 
January Newsletter 
And this, too, shall pass" ... How can we help you and your teams at this time? If the Sygnus team can be of support at this time with your home office or office based questions, please get in touch.  
November Newsletter 
Are you and your office January ready? 
What can you be thinking about and doing now to make this return and transition as smooth as possible? Here are our top tips to consider and act on. 
October Newsletter 
Home office furniture guide from Sygnus 
Working from home? Our guide to keep you and your staff comfortable and productive for working from home. 
October newsletter 
5 top tips for the ideal home office. With more and more working from home, here are our tips and advice 
August newsletter  
Meetings and how they are changing, what to consider? Sygnus can support your return to work qith screens, anti-microbial fabrics and replica plants for dividers.  
Introducing the fold away desk!  
Perfect for the home 🏡 
Easy to assemble in 8 simple steps and only £149 including delivery. 
July issue - Have you heard of biophilic design? 
Introducing to you a range of replica plants that transform any workspace. Find out more ... 
Did you know - Making your space now work for you because with Sygnus, it is about more than somewhere to sit and work. Recapping for you what we can offer and how we can help you, your workspace and your teams find a new normal that works best for YOU all! 
June issue - Using screens in the workplace to keep you and your teams as safe and as protected as possible. For information and advice on screens, space planning and office layout, please contact the team 
May issue - Support and tips for productivity and comfort whilst working from home. For advice on space planning for the office or if you are working from home and would like some inspiration on furniture, contact the team at Sygnus. 
March issue - It is spring time. This month's newsletter is looking at using colour in the office. 
How can you make use of colour in your workplace and why should you? And how to create the right first impression for visitors and staff in your workplace! 
February issue - Wellbeing and safety at work is important and an issue we take very seriously here at Sygnus in terms of office design and space planning. Plus, tell us your sit stand or height adjustable desk experiences. Have you got one or used one and what are your thoughts on them? 
January issue - Make the right first impression with your office or workplace Reception! Create the right first impression for your workplace. Plus, how to protect workers’ health. 
December issue - 2019, an annual review. How was this year for you? Plus trends for 2020 
November issue - The benefits of an office redesign! Regardless of budget (big or small) or circumstances, it is always good to review what work space you have and how you use it. 
October issue - Fun themed offices - could you/would you like to work in such an environment? 
For office design & space planning to suit your business, your company culture & your budget, get in touch. 
September issue - Many of you will be making plans for yourselves and your businesses so this month's newsletter will be focusing on wellbeing on work.  
August issue - What is agile working? All you need to know ... Plus choosing the right chair and FAQ’s from Sygnus. 
July issue - Buying your first standing desks? 8 things to consider. Plus, how your senses react to a space can completely change how we operate. 
June issue - How to choose the right office chair for you and your workplace. Plus, does office size and space make people happier? And Sygnus looks at office design and office space planning. 
May issue - Taking/not taking a lunch break at work? And what are the benefits of a biophilic office? 
Plus, we share the latest in office seating, chairs and breakout furniture. Don't forget to read our new blog. 
April issue - Linking mental health and office design? And we discuss “binge sitting” 
70% of us spend a total of five hours or more seated. What can we do about this as employers/employees. 
March issue - Renovating a current office space or setting up a new one? ... Furnishing your office can be a challenging task! 
February issue - Office design and mental health, how can your office design help? 
As the wellbeing agenda gains more traction, we look at how the design of working space can promote healthy minds as well as bodies. 
January issue - Office and office furniture hacks to increase productivity! We are spreading positivity by telling you how to increase productivity at work... 
December issue - Sygnus have 2 fantastic height-adjustable and electric desks to offer you at a 15% discount this Christmas 
Christmas is the time of giving, so why not treat yourself, your staff and your office with a new height adjustable desk or two. Order today! 
November issue - Bringing colour into your workplace and Top 5 office trends for 2019 ... 
October issue - Ways to help your workplace be a stress free area, including look at your space and open plan areas, creating breakout areas and bringing in the right furniture. 
September issue - September isn't just about new beginnings for children, but for us too. 
September brings new opportunities ... What are your business plans? Whatever your goals, will your office space accommodate the changes and be fit for purpose? Is it time for a work space review? 
August issue - How to make your office space reflect your office values. 
If you need help space planning and designing your workplace, please ask us about our design, space planning and interiors services. 
July issue - How to defeat the heat at work and making the most of your office space. 
June issue - Untidy desk, untidy mind? Top tips on how to declutter your workspace and find out about the benefit of office screens. 
May issue - UK companies lag behind in offering flexible and remote working ... Do you agree? Plus we have new furniture lines to introduce 
April issue - What are the 4 pillars of workplace wellbeing? A clean, uncluttered workplace with space and furniture that streamlines your workflow will increase efficiency and can aid with recruitment. 
March issue - Open vs private offices? Closed boardrooms vs social spacing? Trends within offices are forever changing. There is no right or wrong way to layout your office PLUS how to boost producivity in your office! 
February issue - Find inspiration on breakout furniture, desks, seating, reception furniture and conference and meeting room furniture on our Gallery page. If you are looking for office furniture, project management or office space planning and design, contact Sygnus! 
January issue - Move office VS office refurbish? What is best for your business? We discuss the options ... 
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