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According to Posture People (in 2022), only 1% of the UK currently have sit-stand desks in comparison 90% of Scandinavian office workers. And in 2021, Posturite says over 20% more people searched for standing desks in the UK in the past 12 months than the previous year. 
Some of the rise in popularity of the sit to stand desks could be due to the pandemic and working from home and also hybrid working changes and trends. Here at Sygnus we are still finding sit to stand desks or standing desks are still very popular and highly valued. 
The health benefits of a sit to stand desk ... Read on ... 
For every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office, 1 hour should be spent standing! (source
What’s new with standing desks? 
According to we should alternate standing and sitting by about 50% each way in a full day. Within that, you should alternate sitting and standing about every quarter to half hour. Your body acclimatizes to sitting within 30 minutes and your lower body muscles switch off. 
What’s new? 
We have been told and learned a lot over the years about the impacts on our physical, and mental, health of sitting for prolonged periods of time. Being on your feet the whole times isn’t ideal either, so a combination of both has been proven to have great impacts. Sitting and standing used to be done by a few, but this way of working is becoming more and more mainstream. 
With WFH continuing to affect many employees, more people are looking to fit out their workspace with a designated standing desk which can help them move from one posture to another throughout the day, without interrupting workflow. We recently sent out a mailer showcasing a new sit to stand desk we have available. Find more details here  
What are the types of sit to stand desks? ... 


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