This blog aims to give you a better understanding of how sound works and solutions that can manage it so you can have a productive and well balanced workplace. In connection with Chris Griffiths, Ocee Design.  
Throughout any space, be it single or multi-use, no matter what size or purpose, there are acoustic factors that need to be controlled to maximise wellness and productivity. It is important to get the right acousitc solution for your working environment whether you are looking at meeting rooms, open spaces, dining areas and so on. There are ways to tackle acoustic issues, known as the ABCD of acoustics - absorb, block, cover and divide! 
Another factor to consider is distraction distance. This is perhaps the most important measure in open plan office acoustic assessments. When someone speaks, a certain number of people around them will be able to hear them clearly and will most likely be distracted by them. Use this product in conjunction with others to reduce distraction distance and improve speech privacy. 
Find more information, the benefits of ABCD and an interactive map to detect issues from Ocee Design, click here
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