Colour in the office or the business can range from the company logo and brand to the office decoration (walls, carpets, blinds) to the fabric on the office chairs and in the reception area. Not only is it important for the company colours to be consistent and matching throughout for branding purposes, it is also worth considering the psychology of colour. Deciding what colour scheme to incorporate into your workspace design needs careful consideration ... 
“The aim of design is to create an ambience within the workplace that keeps your employees stimulated and motivated, but also relaxed and calm.” 
The Principles of Color Psychology 
The early work on colour psychology goes back to Carl Jung who studied colours as a tool for psychotherapy. This led to these basic principles of colour therapy which are generally accepted today and include. 
• Colour has a specific meaning; 
• The meaning of colour is either biological or learned; 
• The evaluation of a colour causes behaviour induced by the colour; 
• Colour’s influence is automatic; 
Following on from these principles and assuming your business brand is defined colour and style wise, what about the office itself? 
Studies have identified the way colours affect a work environment. 
Green and Blue – Walls painted with these colors can create feelings of calm and relaxation in employees. Green gives eyes some rest and helps reduce anxiety and Blue helps reduce stress by lowering the blood pressure and heart rates. 
Yellow and Orange – These colours make a person feel warm and happy. However, when they’re too bright, they can cause eye strain by over-stimulating the eyes. 
Red – This colour can stimulate and excite employees. It can increase respiration, heart rate and brain activity. But it can get a person really worked up and is best used as an accent and not as a main colour. 
Pink – A very feminine colour, pink can have a relaxing effect on employees. For a professional workplace, however, the casual, cosy feelings that pink evokes are not really suitable. 
Remember light and dark shades can have an additional impact on a person. Whilst remaining on brand, don’t forget to include neutral colours and some white in the décor and furniture. 
Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, made a famous remark about one of their models in the early 1900s stating: “You can have any colour as long as it’s black.” Here at Sygnus, your office furniture can be whatever colour you want! 
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